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BBL obtained SPC patent in Canada and Europe

BBL Floor is one of the world’s leading flooring manufacturers with integrated R&D technology centers, world class production facilities and professional sales teams actively distributing and promoting the BBL brands throughout the world.

Based on market research of customer recommendations, BBL's R&D team ascertained the non-resistance to high temperatures restricted the development of current LVT products. As a result, BBL's R&D focused its efforts on the development of a more stable product. After numerous improvements and experiments, BBL submitted SPC patent applications according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty in 2015 and successfully received a passing public inspection. Subsequently, BBL's R&D team applied for a patent grant from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (application No. 2939954) and European Patent Office (application No.15882280.9) and successfully obtained the SPC patents recently,which include product structure, components and manufacturing method.

BBL's R&D team is very proud of its recently awarded intellectual property rights and will continue on developing new products and designs based on its' customer needs. This is also the best illustration of BBLs mission: "To create a healthy and beautiful life worldwide".


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