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As the creator of better life, BBL keenly captured the trend of stylish and pratical flooring.

Thus Gra-Matt™ was born.

BBL's Gra-Matt™makes the floor surface noble and elegant, giving you a feeling of comfortable & warm.

Gra-Matt™fully improves the value of normal flooring, and redefines the new value of home.

BBL's Gra-Matt™'s valuable features

l Avoid "Light Pollution"

BBL Gra-Matt™ floor gives an excellent super matt effect and avoids glare on the eyes.

l Super Matt Gloss Consistance

Natural & well balanced & consistant gloss level in different view angles-in the front of or against the light to avoid complaint about gloss difference.

l Natural & Authentic Feeling of Wood

BBL Gra-Matt™ makes the floor visually closer to real wood, avoiding the plastic feeling brought by high glossy. It brings a sense of comfort, warmth and elegance.

l Skin-touch Feeling & Skin-friendly

With a smooth and tender touch, you can enjoy a comfortable feet feeling even walking barefoot.

l Chemical Permeation Resistance

The dense protective layer effectively prevent chemical solvent permeation, such as

Iodine liquor, mercurochrome, acetone, nitric acid(16mol/L),hydrochloric acid(12mol/L),sulphuric acid(12mol/L),30% hydrogen peroxide,bleaching agents,chloroform,lubricating oil,toluene… Leaves no traces on the surface after wiping.

Gra-Matt™ Ultra

——Advanced Performance for Option

Stable structure together with excellent ability also shows superior performance than ever before.

l Super Anti-micro-scratch & Wear-resistance

Most reassuring Anti-micro-scratch & Wear-resistance performance , perfect for pet owners whose pets frequently come back with muddy paws from a morning walk . Make claw marks a thing of the past . As well ,it is good for commercial area in high traffic .

l Super Anti-Fingerprints & Stain-resistance

Difficult to clean stainsChoose Gra-Matt™ Ultra, stress-free clean up away and no visible fingerprints after touching. Daily maintenance will be as easy as a pie.

l Anti-microbial

Active protection against bacterial and fungi effectively offer you a safety life and ensure all-round well-being.

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