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What is Tourmaline?

Since the beginning of the 18th century, Tourmaline has been known as a miracle stone which generates electricity. It was named Electric Stoneby Carolus Linnaeus (1707-1778), a Swedish botanist and physian. It generates negative ions when force is applied. Through an advanced negative ion activation technology, we are able to ensure a lifetime steady supply of negative ions through our flooring.

Studies have shown that Tourmaline   is   helpful in improving the circulation, increasing mental alertness, relieving stress, and strengthening the immune system.

We spend as much as 90% of our time indoors; therefore good indoor air quality is very important to us. However, the process of modern living brings about many hazards that make even our own homes unsafe.

The use of almost all indoor appliances release huge amounts of positive ions that can greatly affect our health. Chemical pollutants that are derived from products we use both in our homes and bodies can also accumulate in enclosed spaces due to poor ventilation.

Recent studies have shown that the intake of unhealthly, ion-deficient air can lead to cancer and other degenerative diseases. This is because our immune system weakens when we lack oxygen, thereby allowing pathogenic microbes to breed.

Professor Philipp Lenard, Nobel Prize winner for Physics, has discovered that negative ions can reduce the risk of disease by aiding in the absorption of oxygen into the blood stream. This results to the overall improvement of health and other benefits.

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