Engineer floor-Hickory-HIR001
Construction: Engineered wood flooring
Installtion: Valinge Fold down
Structure: Veneer+plywood base
Grading: ABCD
Surface: Handscraped
Size: 12mmX122mmX400-1200mm R/L

Products Details

Engineered flooring lets you bring the beauty and warmth of hardwood into all areas of your home.It looks like soild hardwood because it is!

But underneath,it's "engineered" to allow the wood to naturally contract and expand.

That means it can be installed virtuallty everywhere,even in high-moisture areas like basements and over concrete!


1.Realwood design,non repeat pattern,Natural

2.Easy installation,Minimal floor prep,no need keel

3.Good characteristic for heated floor adaptive

4.Cross grain configuration, make floor resistant to shrinking and expansion, more stable

5.Realwood design,non-repeat pattern, 2mm venner could be reused after polishing and painting.

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