Laminate floor high gloss GT302
Formaldehyde Content: Carb 2
Water Resistanc: Waxing on Locking System
Construction: Laminate
Thickness: 8/10/12mm
V-groove: V-groove with painting 4 sides
Installtion: Valinge Click
Surface: high gloss finish
Size: 196*1216mm

Products Details

If you are concerned with tearing up your old floor then a floating laminate floor may be a great alternative for you- Floating refers to an installation method where the individual planks are locked together but never attached to the subfloor underneath.

BBL High Gloss Laminate Flooring is just what it sounds like, a floor that looks like the surface of a grand piano, all but inviting you to slide across it on your socks. BBL high gloss laminate floors replicate the pristine look of pre-finished wood flooring, but the price comparison is in your favor. Even the highest quality laminate flooring will beat the price of the same color of real wood. Also, high gloss laminate flooring doesn't need to be waxed on a regular basis, but can be cleaned with the standard things like a dust mop or even just a broom.

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