“6.18”Sale Champion for Six Consecutive Years-BBL promotions

“6.18”Sale Champion for Six Consecutive Years-BBL promotions

As one of the most grand E-Business sales promotion events, the 7th 6.18 event now has been the total involvement for online shopping, opening a appreciable marketing channel.

The initiator JINGDONG of 6.18 event, similar as ALIBABA, is an online retail shopping platform. It has been facing enormous challenge from other platform in recent years, such as Tmall, Amazon and Suning Shop. It won 45% network traffic to be NO.1 eventually this year.

To create a competitive alliance in 6.18,  Tmall had invested 400 million of shopping coupons to attract turnover. And the provocation turned out to be worthy.

For BBL, you have witnessed a powerful International Trading Team, and our powerful Domestic Sales Team is also overwhelming.

Having participated 6.18 event for 6 years, BBL sales volume has been increasing annually , building great respect and fame nationwide.

Thanks for the 60 hours battle fight, the team pull together to provide fastest and most professional service for every inquiry.

Undoubtedly, we keep the Sale Champion for six consecutive years in flooring field in Tmall, as well as JONGDONG NO.1 in flooring field. Moreover, the sales volume increased 300%, including 1081 sales volume for Aldehyde-free flooring.

We highly appreciate for your choice for BBL, we will keep make every effort to support your needs.

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