Cooperating to unity, coordinating to win

Cooperating to unity, coordinating to win

——BBL International Center Department I MT Iron Force challenging outdoor activity

With BBL’s rapid development and its constantly expanding of international business scope, International Center Department I welcomed the participators of the first Management Trainee project. After three-week tense and orderly training, here came the outdoor activity before the final graduation. The activity was going to be taken from 18th August to 19th August on the Shanwaishan base near Tianmu lake in Liyang.

This challenging outdoor activity insisted on the targets of perseverance, team awareness, professionalism, executive ability, communication ability and gratitude to carry out various projects.

On the first day morning, trainees firstly began the basic military training under the guidance of the coach, including standing at attention, goose-step, running, etc. The secretary of president represented President Office to give trainees great encourage and expectations. After a short break, an activity was taken to make the team active by dividing trainees into two groups and having own team name, team loge, team song and even team flag. After that, the first challenge started. Each team was asked to walk to the farm to have lunch with carrying a huge piece of wood. Both of these two groups had a clear division of work and strategy, finally succeeded to arrive at the farm well.

First day afternoon, the real challenge was coming, 15 km mountain hiking. Trainees all just graduated from university or were about to graduate, they had never experienced such tiring hiking. Being guided by a local person, together with a coach and the tutors of International Center Department I, trainees walked through the jungle. Although the temperature was so high and most of the way was full of undeveloped forest or even bamboo forest, they still kept walking hand in hand. They were all willing to help others to go ahead and even left their last bottle of water to someone who were in pool health. There was a trainee feeling sick at that moment, tutors and other trainees took turns to take care of her to make her keep pace with the group. After three-hour effort, everyone finally has covered the whole way, and shared their feelings with each other. At night, everyone enjoyed barbecue and tent camp, being so close to nature.

Next morning, here came the project of passing high-altitude broken bridge. Many trainees were afraid to move on the high platform, but all the members of the team completed the project because of being encouraged by others. The second project was the live CS, which was relatively a relaxing project, so everyone had a good time. At noon, everyone cooked the dishes by themselves, and finally dishes of two tables shew the efforts of all the participators


Next afternoon, many projects were proceeded, like struggling for water, tangram and so on. These projects raised trainees awareness of innovating and overall planning. After the finish of the graduation wall, it marked the end of the two-day outdoor activity.

Through this activity, group cohesiveness has been promoted a lot. Trainees not only grasped the key points of target management and time management, but also were encouraged to face the pressure, handle the pressure correctly and stimulate their own potential, as result, they would be able to accomplish many hard tasks. This activity let trainees know the importance of listening and effectively communicating, actively find out the factors that cause communication barriers, cultivate them thinking innovatively and correct the right habit of thinking and change the way of thinking when facing problems.

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