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The safety production lecture of Wujin Federation of Trade Union perfectly ending in BBL

Safety production is used to being regarded as the lifeline of enterprise development. To improve the awareness of enterprise safety production and polish the safety precaution,Wujin Federation of Trade Union specially invited lecturer to BBL industrial park in Henglin Town in 10th Aug. As the theme of Strengthen the awareness of safety production,reinforce the line of safety defense, this lecture was carried out to train the workers from each workshop in BBL to learn more about safety knowledge.

As always, BBL regularly checked security threat and organized fire drill. This time, Wujin Federation of Trade Union warmly invited the lecturer Yao Feng, a master of Safety Technology and Engineering of Jiangsu University and also the excellent instructor of Jiangsu Open University, to have a more professional and meticulous lecture for the workers of BBL. Being explained safety knowledge carefully, the workers listened sedulously at the scene without getting slack at the security issue.

Wujin Federation of Trade Union has put much energy to carry out the work of enterprise safety production, from now on, BBL must be with Wujin Federation of Trade Union to undertake the responsibility of preserve safety production, provide the perfect safety insurance in the workshop, check and eliminate each security threat, in order to ensure workers personal security indeed.

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