What's the difference of WPC PVC and Laminate

Environmental Friendly


(Test : Submerged in a tank of water for over 2 days,WPC could be simply wiped dry with a cloth and ready for installtion)

StabilityRealistic Feeling



With 100% Virgin Material,Environmental Friendly,CE,DIBT,Floorscore qualified.The plank itself waterproof, and water can sit on the "fold & tap" seams and joints for 48 hours and remain competely unaffected.No need acclimation and is able to go from 12 degrees to 32 degrees without growing or shrinking due to changes in temperature.WPC with Cork or EVA offers better footsense, WPC fixes that issue with a bevel that makes it look even more realistic.
VinylRecycled Material&Virgin Material Optional.The plank itself waterproof.Take hours to properly acclimate the product before installation.Triditional vinyl is installed, the realism of the print gets lost on the ground.
LaminateInefficient Environmental FriendlyInefficient waterproof.Climatize for 48 hours from 18-24 degree before installation./

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